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Be careful !! This browsers leaking your personal data

Posted by softwaresalemart on May 30, 2015  /   Posted in Blog

Be careful !! This browsers leaking  your personal data

China and India has been popular in many countries of the world, including UC browser can become a threat to your privacy. Canada has revealed a technology research firm. Citizen Lab said the research firm is acquired by Alibaba UC Browser users, including phone numbers have been made available to third parties.

Privacy systems lacking:

Citizen Lab said UC Browser Privacy Protection System has drawbacks related to the user. Due to these shortcomings third Parties phone numbers of users very easily, search details, the mobile subscriber and device numbers, and acquires information.

More than 500 million registered users:

Citizen Lab, UC browser, according to more than 500 million registered users around the world is. This also makes it the world’s leading Web browsers. The highest in the browser world is taken into use in China and India. Although  Alibaba stated on behalf of these deficiencies will be corrected as soon as possible.


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