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AutoDesk Advance Steel 2017

$ 249

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Design & Graphics
Windows 64 bit
$ 249
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Product Description

AutoDesk Advance Steel 2017,  What’s new?

The AutoDesk Advance Steel 2017 Steel Conference of NASCC is an annual event organized by the American Steel Construction Institute (AISC). To learn about structural steel design and construction, it is designed as a forum for engineers, manufacturers, and retailers.

The event is also used as a launch pad for a variety of new products — including Advance Steel from Autodesk. Advance Steel is based on AutoCAD software, but its latest iteration promises to enable better workflows to build information modeling (BIM).

So what can users expect to see?

– Modeling tools
It is reported that AutoDesk Advance Steel 2017 will have a handy new tool to insert smart cold-rolled sections such as purlins and side rails along with any necessary connections. This tool can be started from the software’s Connection vault and will allow users to select a bill of materials (BOM) from default or custom vendors.

The AutoDesk Advance Steel 2017 update also lists as one of its new features improved access to customized manufacturing data. Users can use the Match Properties command to transfer manufacturing data properties between assemblies. For BOMs and drawing lists, tokens for this data will also be available.


The Advance Steel BOM templates have been updated with the new version. Users will be able to define formulas to adjust the quantity of a particular part they want to order. Users can also filter the BOM to find tokens that contain a given term.

The new version also includes an updated set of engineering drawing out-of-the-box tools available in the palette of Drawing Styles. This includes drawing tools for stairs, railings, and ladders of cages.


Advance Steel 2017 has a few tools to facilitate interoperability with other software offerings from Autodesk. Among them is the object enabler, which in AutoCAD 2017 or AutoCAD LT 2017 allows users to open 2D drawings from Advance Steel. These drawings will not be edited by users in AutoCAD, however

It also includes the new Revit Steel Connections, which enables users to synchronize parametric steel connections between Revit and Advance Steel. It includes an integrated steel connection engine based on U.S. and European codes.

Current Revit subscribers worldwide can access Steel Connections for Revit. Advance Steel 2017 will be available in the Structural Fabrication Suite or as an individual AutoCAD subscription. The full list of features can be found on the website of Autodesk.

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