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Chief Architect Premier X11

$ 249

  • INR: ₹ 18,313

Architect Design
Windows 64 bit
$ 249
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Product Description

Chief Architect Premier X11, what is new?

1. Check for and Install Program Updates
Program updates contain improvements to the original release version and we recommend
using the most current version available. By default, Chief Architect checks for program
updates every day when you launch the program. 

2. Review the New Features List
There are a number of important reasons why you should familiarize yourself with the new
and improved features in Chief Architect X11:
• New and improved features allow you to produce drawings more efficiently, so it is to
your advantage to use them.
• Some changes to existing functionality may affect your accustomed drawing style and
thus your productivity if you are not aware of them.
• New features may affect your choice of settings in your template files, as well as your
preferred Preferences settings.

3. Migrate Legacy Library Files
Library content from previous program versions cannot be installed or copied into the Chief
Architect X11 library. If you have Chief Architect Premier version X5 through X10 installed on your
computer, the Migrate Settings dialog will display after you activate the license, allowing
you to migrate Preference settings, toolbars, library content, and more for use in Chief
Architect X11. If multiple legacy versions are present on the system, only the data
associated with the most recent will be migrated.

4. Migrate Custom Graphics Files
If you have custom graphics files, including textures, images or backdrops, that you were
using in a previous program version, you can copy them manually using your operating
system for use in Chief Architect Premier  X11.

5. Review Your Preferences Settings
Although you can migrate your Preferences settings from Versions X5 through X10 into
Version X11, the settings that are available in Version X11 may differ from previous program
versions. You should review all the settings in the Preferences dialog to make sure that they
are set to suit your drawing needs.
6. Create new custom Template Plan and Layout files
Chief Architect Premier X11 installs a selection of template plan and layout files that have been set
up to take advantage of the program’s updated tools and features. Although you can
migrate your template files for use in Version X11, for best results it is recommended that
you either:
• Use the installed templates when creating new plans and layout files in Chief Architect Prem
• Use the installed templates as the basis for creating new custom templates.

7. Set up Custom Toolbar Configurations
It is possible to migrate toolbar configuration files from previous versions to Chief Architect Premier 
X11; however, it is possible that your migrated toolbars will be missing new tools available
in Version X11.
We recommend that you set up your custom toolbars the way you would like them in Chief
Architect X11. You may find it most effective to customize your toolbars as you get used to
working in the new program version, rather than beforehand.

8. Backup Entire Plan
Before migrating a legacy file created in Chief Architect X10 or prior, it is a good idea to
open the plan in the program version in which it was created and use the Backup Entire Plan
tool (Export Entire Plan in version X3 and prior) to export the plan with all associated
support files, including textures, backdrops and images.

Computer System Requirements – Chief Architect Premier X10

– PC Minimum
– Windows 64-bit 10 / 8 / 7
– Multi-core processor
– 4 GB of memory
– Video Card1
– 1 GB of memory
– OpenGL 3.3 or higher
– 5 GB of available hard disk space

Service package:

 Purchase guide, Installation assistant, Product application Basic/Advance training video, Handling application Error, Remote service, Online tech support.


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