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Windows 10 spying your activities

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Windows 10 spying your activities

Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 10 is being talked about enough. The company has recently made available to the users. Many unique features which add that appeal to users who have been doing. But you will need to be extra cautious, because it will monitor the OS of your personal data.

BGR dot com According to a report, users of Microsoft Windows 10 is spying. Ie that it can directly check your personal data. The company has prepared its 12,000 words a service agreement. The company will be able to access the personal data of users. The company will disclose it and it will preserve. It has some important information like your (e-mail content, which will include private conversations private folders or files exist.

Things needed to users: –
(1) Go to settings click on Privacy. Here you will be seen in 13 different screen. Many of these important settings can be found in the General tab. This means that anyone can access it if you want to change.

(2) Users are advised to avoid Kortana. The voice assistant feature is definitely best for you but it can put your data at risk. So much better that it will use less.

(3) Go to the web and you open https://choice.microsoft.com/en-gb/opt-out website. In this browser you add a personalized ‘and’ personalized ads on Microsoft account to “Turn off. Like Google, Microsoft will add the tracking feature off.

(4) In addition, it is advisable to users that their personal accounts on Windows 10 replaced open a brand new account local account.


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