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Windows 10 which runs 30% faster have the largest updation

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Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10 is the largest in the updation. Windows 10 was launched in July this year.

Avilable for PC and Tablets

According to the report, Microsoft Windows 10 is a major in the updation. As anticipated last week, was the company’s Executive Vice President Terry Meyrsn Windows 10 updation is confirmed. Terry said, the company available for tablet PCs and Windows 10 is the largest updation. Under which the performance will be significantly enhanced.

30% faster

According to the company, the new updation past performance of the Windows 10 operating system, Windows 7 will be 30 times better. Moreover, given the purpose of security is a major improvement. Also Windows will support Assistant stylus Cortana now, so you can give the handwriting input.

Cortana launched in India

Indian users of Microsoft Windows 10 to its voice-based virtual assistant Cortana is officially launched. The company on Thursday November the software feature update is released as. Microsoft says that the format of this Cortana took time to get the mold. Indian Accent, instead of understanding the other voice also it has brought. In India, for Windows 10 Cortana important information relating to the country has also been important.

Introduced in September

Please tell Cortana the first country in the month of September was Introdus. Microsoft said at the time that still make its voice support and good work is being continued on. The update will be soon. The Indian festival and customs perfectly Cortana now knows and recognizes. For example, they know that is what Diwali.


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